Albion K2 Jump Adjusta

Albion K2 Jump Adjusta

£1699.00 Our Ref No : 12745
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The Albion K2 jump saddle is a very popular jumping saddle. Designed to be supportive, with large knee rolls giving security and confidence and a semi deep seat which helps to feel 'in' the saddle.

The saddle features a cut back head, good weight bearing panels, wool flocking and an adjustable tree. For the rider the front and back blocks give a great feeling of security.

Manufactured from traditional top quality leather which offers comfort, style and durability.

Available Black & Brown
Avaialble 17", 17.5" and 18". Other sizes made to order.
Fittings N to W Adjustable Tree

Custom modifications can be made. Please call for more information and speak to one of our experienced saddle fitters on 01664 454839.