Albion SLK Dressage, Adjusta

Albion SLK Dressage, Adjusta

£2099.00 Our Ref No : 11654
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The SLK adjusta tree comes with a tree that can easily be altered in width by an approved Albion stockist - this means it can be altered as a horse grows and changes shape.

A deep seat and large knee rolls give the rider ultimate security. The saddle comes in 2 versions - narrow seat and standard seat, which has a wider seat. We generally stock this saddle in the narrow seat version but can order a standard seat version.

This saddle is also available with a short back panel and other modifications.
Please phone and speak to one of our saddle fitters for more information on 01664 454839.

Available in Black
Sizes: 17", 17.5" and 18"