Fairfax Double Bridle

Fairfax Double Bridle

£600.00 Our Ref No : 13078
Colour: Black Size: Large
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This revolutionary bridle design is based on 2 years of scientific testing to establish exactly where the pressure peaks are under a bridle and how they affect the horse in motion. Using bespoke pressure mats ananlysis was made of the pressure under different types of headpiece and noseband. This data was then used to design a bridle that significantly reduces pressure in the 6 key zones where pressure was recorded.

Horses wearing the Fairfax Performance bridle were recorded for gait analysis and showed significantly greater hock flexion, knee flexion and forelimb protraction. Riders could feel the improvement in movement and also a greater harmony with their horse.

The double bridle comes with the option of a Swarovski browband (black or clear cystals) or with a plain browband (£500). The cavesson noseband features a crank fastening. The bridle is made in England using Sedgwick's leather and is fully lined with Prolite, which is proven to disperse pressure.

There are 2 sizes available - Standard Horse and Large Horse with a variety of cheek sizes and jowl pads available. We strongly recommend you bring your horse for a bridle fitting. Please call us on 01664 454839 to book an appointment.