Polypad Classic

Polypad Classic

£36.75 Our Ref No : 3210

The Polypad Classic Plus One pad is a classically simple saddle pad. The original, the best and still the market leader! The durable polycotton easy-care material with a fibre core will adapt with ease to the individual horse's shape and fit of the saddle. Polypads® can be used any way around and on the reverse side as there are no straps or loops.

Polypads are available in a variety of thicknesses. Guide to Thicknesses:
Single and Regular - 610 gms/sq.m (up to 4cm deep)
Plus One and Extra - 915 gms/sq.m (up tp 7cm deep)
Doubler/Double - 1220 gms/sq.m (up tp 10cm deep)

PAD LENGTH: 66cm (Along the Spine)
PAD WIDTH: 94cm (Side to Side)

PolyPad fitting instructions
1) Place saddle over the PolyPad on the horse's back, hold PolyPad at each end of the saddle and pull firmly upwards into the gullet of the saddle to create airflow alond the spine.

2) Lift the saddle flap away from the horse on each side, making sure the horse's coat is laying flat and check that the front edge of the PolyPad is sufficiently forward (10 - 12cm in front of the girth) so the shoulder movement does not pull the PolyPad downwards and backwards.

3) Do the girth up tight enough at this point to ensure the pad cannot move before finally tightening to mount.

4) Filament - The stripe filament is designed to go against the saddle, with the polycotton against the horse.