Fairfax Dressage Girth

Fairfax Dressage Girth

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The Fairfax Performance Girth is a revolutionary new girth. The unique shape minimises pressure behind the elbow. It is lined with Prolite - known for its ability to distribute pressure, absorb impact and prevent rubbing.The Prolite cushioned buffer on the leading edge of the girth guides the muscle bulk under the girth rather than blocking it.

This means that the horses's performance is increased by dramatically reducing pressure and significantly increasing range of movement.

The girth was tested during its development in conjunction with the BEF World Class Programme and pliance pressure mapping was used to test girth pressure. The results were fascinating - "we recorded up to 33% improvement in forelimb protraction and general range of motion of every elite horse we tested" - Centaur Biomechanics

Sizes 22" - 30"
Available Black or Brown, Standard Guage and Narrow Guage